Automotive Machine Shop Services

Automotive machine shop services use heavy fabrication machinery, which includes machines for lathe work, grinding, turning, polishing and welding, cutting, laser job work, and also precision machining. The services include providing repair work for defective parts and also supplying new parts if the old and existing parts are not repairable. If the new parts, available in their stocks, do not fit properly, they may have to redesign and refabricate them. This may, at times, prove to be a complicated job. The redesigning and fabrication of complicated parts like crank-shafts, connecting rods, pistons, and cam shafts requires great expertise. Usually, the need to fabricate new parts arises in the case of older or vintage vehicles, whose production may have been stopped with the introduction of new models.

The engineers and mechanics at these machine shops are experts in all types of repair work, starting from simple tuning to advance troubleshooting techniques. They are expected to thoroughly understand the process of functioning and fabrication of all the parts of the engine–pistons, pins, rings, rods, freeze plug set, gaskets, timing set, oil pump, precision ground cranks, transmissions, electrical systems, and computerized engine controls.

These shops not only stock spare parts and accessories for the older types of vehicles, but they also cater to the needs of current models. Also, they are usually larger than the single-brand vehicle machine shops, as they repair all types of automotives.

These shops undertake repair services for cars, which involve the cleaning of air filters, oil filters and tanks, and washing off the dust or other accretions on the engines and the body of the vehicles. These activities release lots of grease and oily materials, which are hazardous to the environment, and so they have to be properly disposed of. The owners should not throw away the cleaning agents like methylene chloride, or the spent oils and lubricants, or drain them down the sewers, septic systems, or storm drains. They are likely to be given stringent penalties if they are caught doing so.

Sewing Machine Shops

Sewing machine shops are popular shops for people who enjoy sewing. They have various models, from low end to very expensive models. The stitching quality of a particular machine depends on the features such as the needles, thread, tension, sewing technique and the operator.

Many seamstresses prefer a simple sewing machine, with a zigzag stitch and a buttonhole attachment. Generally, most seamstresses make use of straight, zigzag and blind hemstitches. An eighteen- stitch or computerized sewing machine is really not needed for the normal stitching requirements. However, it is seen that some of the older versions of machines cannot handle many of the new fabrics and materials.

When the buyer goes in for a sewing machine, the person should at least have a basic idea of the set features to look for. The person would like to know where to get a good bargain on a new machine or if a used machine is in good shape. If the buyer is able to get a new machine from an authorized dealer, a warranty of three to five years should be available on the product.

It has been observed that most people are not happy with cheap sewing machines, as they tend to be difficult to thread and fine-tune. They are also in general not tough for mending jeans and other thick materials.

A used sewing machine would be an excellent buy for many people who are looking for a good deal. When trying out an old machine, it is advisable to carry a variety of clothes to sew, such as old jeans or drapes. The prospective buyer should also take an experienced person along for their opinion on the machine. It is important to note that if a used machine skips stitches, it should be avoided.

Berninas, Vikings, Husqvarna’s, White’s, and Singers are some of the popular brands of sewing machines that are available.

Cutting Edge Technology On Automotive Frame Machines

Collision repair industry is eventually becoming an essential part of the automotive industry. Car accidents are rampant each day and yet the cars on highways are eventually being transformed from older models to classic car models. With such an evolution, use of such a machine to effect cars back into perfect alignment has become a worthy solace point after a collision. They have been putting such valuable cars back onto the roads in perfect condition, you would never have known it was in an accident before.

However, restoring automobiles back into their original frame form may not be as easy as it sounds, more so taking into consideration that the majority of modern personal cars and light-weight passenger car manufacturers have been using Unibody frame systems. While this switch has made maintenance of such cars quite easy, any collision impact after an accident ends up transmitting destructive energy to virtually every part of the car: the floor, the body, the roof and so much more. Gladly, the dynamic automobile collision repair industry is proving to be well off in handling this menace. Frame machine manufacturers are adding extra features into their masterpiece collections, making them rank atop with cutting edge technology in collision repair.

Some of the outstanding features which have made frame repair machines highly efficient in automobile collision repair include:-

i) Computerized Frame Measuring Systems

While in the past the pulling and straightening of damaged frames used to be run on mere estimates, the modern Hi -Tech frame repair equipment are run electronically and employ computerized control systems. Once the repair machine is fed with manufacturer’s 3D dimensions of the car under repair, the pulling and the stretching are precisely controlled, thus the car is accurately restored back to its manufacturer’s alignment and dimensions definitions.

ii) Multiple 360 Degree Rotating Towers

Modern automobile frame rack designs feature multiple 360 degree rotating towers which facilitate precise pulling of the damaged automobile frames. This is particularly a vital component in the repair of Unibody automobiles as the realignment and repair procedures are restricted to stretching and pulling. Most of the multiple rotating towers frame racks have two or three rotating towers but others may have more 360 degree rotating towers. Essentially, the higher the number of 360 degree rotating towers, the higher the efficiency and accuracy of the equipment.

iii) Highly Ergonomic Systems

In as much as the realignments and repair procedures are performed by the machine, human control is obviously inevitable. Modern automobile frame repair equipment is designed to be highly ergonomic to ease handling of the automobile being repaired. A combination of highly efficient hydraulic systems, easy to use restraining systems and well-designed working height all make working on the machines hassle free.

iv) Enhanced Power Effectiveness

Despite the fact that these machines are high power output equipment, their hydraulic systems have been modified to use reasonable power rating. For instance, one can get an automobile repair machine rated at 120v 20 amp yet it has the capacity to effectively run a 4 tower hydraulic system.

Nonetheless, this technology will keep advancing while upgrading the systems is the only sure way of ensuring that automobile collision repair is performed with the utmost of accuracy and precision.