Finding the Right Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts, Car Lifts Or Motorcycle Lifts

Car lifts, automotive lifts, truck lifts, and motorcycle lifts can all play an important role in a home or commercial garage. However, it is important that they match the vehicles you’re working on, the space you’re working in, and the type of repairs you’re doing. Otherwise, the job will become far more difficult and even dangerous if you choose the wrong type of lift. Luckily, as long as you understand what to look for, you’ll be sure to find the right lift for your needs.

Comparing Car Lifts/Automotive Lifts/Truck Lifts/Motorcycle Lifts

Be sure to watch out for poor quality and super inexpensive car lifts as well as overpriced models. This is why it’s important to purchase from a reputable dealer. Otherwise, you could be stuck with one of the hundreds of fly-by-night companies. While some of these appear to offer quality products, they’ve only been in operation for a few years, so there’s no way to tell how long their car and truck lifts will last.

The other issue with purchasing from new dealers is that a majority of the products they offer aren’t ISO-9001 compliant. In fact, many of these dealers bring machines from Asia, place their stickers on them, and put them up for sale. These automotive lifts often fall far below national standards in terms of safety and quality.

Warranty is another important consideration. Most of these poor quality units will only come with one year’s worth of warranty that covers nothing except the parts. This means that if there are any repairs, you’ll have to consult with a customer service agent over the phone to identify the problem. Then, the parts will be shipped to you, and you’ll be left on your own to make the repair. With a quality product and a reputable dealer, you’ll never have to worry. Your warranty will cover two or more years of parts and warranty and you’ll have experienced repairmen to help return your machine back to its original state.

Because these companies have survived for a number of years, you won’t have to worry about not getting the parts you need in the future. Many of these companies continue to offer parts for various models long after they’ve been discontinued.

The automotive lifts and motorcycle lifts produced by reputable companies have a lower chance of breaking down simply because they are better constructed, with higher quality materials and with better welds.

Use & Application Of Different Types Of Automotive, Truck And Motorcycle Lifts

Once you can identify the traits of good quality automotive lifts and motorcycle lifts, you need to decide which type of lift is going to work best for the work you have in mind. Here’s a look at the uses and applications for the various types of car lifts and truck lifts:

Portable Automotive Lifts: When you want to make repairs on the go, or need a lift for car shows and similar types of events, this style is ideal. They are small, light, and easy to move around, giving you the freedom to get the job done quickly and easily no matter where you are.

Turf Equipment, ATV, and Motorcycle Lifts: When you’re working on specialty equipment, you need specific lifts in order to do the job safely and efficiently. Motorcycle lifts are the best option for your favorite two-wheeled toy because they are designed specifically for this purpose; other styles are simply an accident waiting to happen. Turf and ATV platforms are ideal for machines because they bring the equipment up to a comfortable height while leaving you room to work on the undersides as well as giving you room to change the heads in the front.

Two-Post Car Lifts: These are small enough to fit into a small garage or shop bay while still leaving you with room to work on the vehicle. For heavier vehicles, choose an asymmetrical design for added security.

Four-Post Truck Lifts: The extra posts not only make this style sturdier, but they’re also a better choice for commercial repair bays because of the added convenience of driving the vehicle on and off the platform.

Scissor Car Lifts: Professional and amateur mechanics both love this style of automotive lifts because of their ability to handle more weight and longer vehicles while still giving you enough space underneath to give you access to the undercarriage.

Pit Truck Lifts: These are ideal for a busy automotive garage or for areas where space is at a premium because they sit flush with the floor when not in use. They also give you lots of space to work and can be either mounted in the floor or completely portable.

Storage Lifts: Single and two posts hoists are the best choice when storing any style of vehicle for any length of time. Some of these models are completely freestanding while others will require anchoring, but either way, you’ll find these to be a secure and safe option for almost any vehicle.

Finding The Best Brands In Automotive Lifts, Truck Lifts, Car Lifts & Motorcycle Lifts

The best brand doesn’t just offer quality machines. The best brand offers an entire package that offers you the best value from start to finish. The proper regulatory authorities should certify the equipment and there should be a solid warranty on parts and labor in the event that something goes wrong. The brand itself should also have some longevity to ensure you can get parts, service, and help long after you make your purchase.

Home Machine Shops

A profession or hobby that uses a power-driven machine tool such as a lathe or drill to shape metal, is known as machining. The person specializing in its use is called a machinist. A machine shop that is run from home is called a home machine shop.

Most machining operations are those that remove metal from an item or those that add metals. There are typical tools that are used in home machining. A lathe is a machine tool that creates sections in circles by rotating a metal work piece. A drill or punch press is used to remove metal in the form of a hole. Some other tools that are used in machining are saws, grinding tools and milling machines.

Advanced machining operations make use of electrical discharge, electro-chemical erosion and laser cutting to shape metal work pieces. Many car restorers have good home workshops and a wide array of tools. There are also individuals who build up a home workshop with the scheme of building some project in the long run. They eventually get sidetracked into building the machine tools and their accessories themselves.

There are magazines that provide advice on ways of solving problems being faced in the home shop. It is also possible to get information about a used lathe and other machine tools, in case the owner’s manual is missing. These magazines and sites have a list of operating instructions on the various tools used. They also give detailed information about various manufacturers and their details.

Information about various new technologies that are being used, are also discussed. New techniques such as computer aided manufacturing processes, which have brought about a revolution in the machine shops, are also discussed. Home shop machinists can use this type of technological software to get the desired product results.

Machine Shops

Machine shops are places where engineers or mechanics design and fabricate finished parts from metals, and repair machines of various types. The machines may be domestic appliances, bicycles, complicated four-wheelers or even airplanes. The job may involve repairing a malfunctioning part or replacing a non-functional part with a new one. Repairing a malfunctioning part may require many technical or mechanical operations to put it back into working condition. The mechanical operations can include grinding, welding, cutting, and turning to bring it back to its operational shape. Some operations may require advanced multiple skills and expertise, like precision machining, laser cutting, and laser welding.

You can also find many e-shops on the Internet. You can go through Websites to find a wider choice and competitive rates. The process of submitting the design of the part you require is relatively simple. These Websites have the necessary software installed. You can download the software for free. This software helps you draw the design of the part or the machine that you want. You can transmit this design to the e-machine shop and get your custom-made part shipped to you and delivered to your doorstep.

The part or the machine that you order may pertain to a simple object such as a nameplate, or a complex machine such as a spare part on a car. You may order a part of your bicycle, musical instrument, clock, furniture, electronic device, piece of jewelry, or a game. You name a part, the software will draw the design and you can get it fabricated exactly as you want.

These e-machine shops can save you both time and money. You don’t have to drive around the various machine shops in your locality. Also, since there are so many e-shops listed on the Internet, you can get your work done at competitive rates.